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Everest Mattress Co.

Everest Mattress Co.

Have you noticed that name-brand mattresses are padded only on one side?

You still can get double-sided mattresses at Everest Mattress Co. of Seattle. They’re built to last in all sizes and styles, including pillowtops, with padding on two sides.

Major mattress manufacturers in the U.S. have abandoned two-sided mattresses. After decades of telling you to flip your mattress ( a dreaded task, but the right thing to do ), they now are selling you the “convenience” of a “no-flip” bed.”

Our beds give you padding on both sides, so you get longer wear.

You may think that some innovative miracle has happened, but the single-sided mattress is merely a new strategy by the big manufacturers to get you to accept the fact that they are selling you half of a bed!

We still think that if you are looking for a bed for every-night sleeping for yourself, you are wise to purchase a double-sided bed that is manufactured for that type of use. Our beds are built this way – the right way!!!

You’ll pay less for our two-sided beds than for a one-sided name-brand bed.

You get twice the mattress for about half what you’d pay for the one-sided top-brand bed! And our quality is just as good, or better, than theirs.

Stop in at our showroom at 1408 Elliott Ave. West or give us a call at 888-284-9531. We’ll help you learn all you need to know about bedding to make your smartest choice.

For honest bedding value with no gimmicks, choose Everest Mattress Co.

  • Two-sided mattresses that last longer and cost you less
    • Padded on two sides – the right way to build a mattress!
    • “Flippable” mattress gives you longer, more even wear
    • Excellent quality design, materials and construction
    • Priced at half or less than one-sided national-brand beds
    • Manufactured in Seattle
  • Available in any size you want:
    • Twin bed ( or single bed ), 38” by 74”
    • Full bed ( or double bed ), 53” x 74”
    • Queen-sized bed, 50” x 80”
    • King-sized bed, 76” x 80”
    • California king-sized bed, 72” x 84”

Since we first opened in 1949, our goal has been to provide everyone with an affordable mattress and foundation. So we do offer our three lower-priced models with the one-sided option. These models are intended for children, for occasional use, and for customers who need to stay within a tight budget.

Stop in at Everest Mattress Co. today or call us at 888-284-9531. We’ll help you make a smart decision,without any pressure or corporate marketing “information.”